Lilvio Reusable Tongue Scrapper
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Lilvio Reusable Tongue Scrapper

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Lilvio Reusable Tongue Scrapper 

Using a tongue scrapper should be in everyones regular oral hygiene schedule almost like brushing your teeth. Tongue scraping can improve your palette by removing bacterial build up from your tongue. Oral hygiene is then improved and your breath is fresher.


What you get when purchasing:

1 x Tongue Scraper

1 x Cotton Storage Bag



  1. Scrape your tongue every morning.
  2. First relax the tongue. Using the scraper, scrape from the back of the tongue to front.
  3. You can reach as far back as you feel comfortable (keep a firm grip on the handle).
  4. Repeat 5 times and rinse the scraper every time/scrape.


*We recommend washing the scrapper well before use.