Imperial Field Shave Soap Canister 177g

Imperial Field Shave Soap Canister 177g

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The Imperial FIELD SHAVE SOAP CANISTER is ready to travel anywhere.

Field-tested and barber approved. This canister is reusable and refillable with the included three-inch Glycerin Shave Soap (puck). 

Create a rich lather, quickly and easily, without the soap moving around. To finish, simply pour out excess water and screw on lid.

To be used daily or in travel, welcome to taking your favourite shaving soap on the go.

How to use:

For use with a shave brush.

Open canister with soap inside, run hot water over soap and lather well with shave brush. Once lather is built up, brush lather onto face and shave.


Once finished, rinse lather out and drain. We recommend allowing the soap and inside of the canister to completely dry before replacing lid and storing away since canister is neither air- nor water-tight.

Our FIELD SHAVE SOAP CANISTER is compatible with any 3-inch round shave soap such as the included GLYCERIN SHAVE SOAP (PUCK).