Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor

CLEARANCE - Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor, Satin Chrome Handle

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The razor 'may' have  a slightly different gap on both sides of the head. Meaning, you can adjust the razor for the perfect shave, then flip the razor over to use the other side of the blade and the shave may be different.

The blade exposure of the early models were found to be different on either side of the head in around 10-20% of all models. The difference can be very small and is hardly noticeable in most cases or simply not present at all, but all models were pulled off the shelf at the time of release. The issue was fixed in the next release of models.

This item is on CLEARANCE - Please be aware of the issues. This is a FIRST RELEASE Variant and may have a different gap size in the blade exposure on either side of the head.

Razor type: Two Piece Adjustable Safety Razor

Weight: 113grams.

Length: 10.1cm

Design: Two-Piece Design Ensures Precise Blade Alignment Blade

Type: Double Edge

Handle material: Genuine brass frame, satin chrome plated