Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor - Polished Chrome

Merkur Futur 90 701 001
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Merkur Solingen


The Merkur Futur is a classic heavyweight safety razor, featuring a patented fine adjustable blade. Stylish and practical Built with precision engineering.

Available in satin, polished chrome and gold.

Includes one Merkur razor blade.

The Merkur Futur safety razor has a superb chrome polished lustre. The razor can be adjusted to different settings dependent on your shaving personal preference or which part of your body you are shaving. 

The Merkur Futur can be used with all double edge standard blades (Merkur, Derby, Astra, Parker, Shark, Feather and more).

Weight:135 g

Length: 10 cm


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BrandMerkur Solingen
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