Leaf Razors


Leaf Shave is a brand that strives to make products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and reduce landfill waste without compromising the users experience. This razor is made from recyclable material while an all-metal construction increases durability. 

The Leaf Razor

The Leaf Razor features a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades. The amount of blades used is 100% up to you! If you want the closest shave possible, load all three blades. For people with sensitive skin or sensitive skin areas, it is recommended to load only one or two blades in the middle and/or top positions. The spring-loaded pivoting head sets The Leaf apart from every other safety razor. It gets to all your curves and creases.The all metal construction makes it a perfectly balanced design that is made to last. This razor rinses clean, making it simple to wash and looks great on your countertop. To load The Leaf, open the blade holder by turning counterclockwise. Load one, two, or three blades (your choice!) then close the blade holder by turning the screw clockwise.

The Leaf Twig Razor

The Twig Razor is designed to be simple and gentle on your skin. It delivers a clean shave that is great for you and the environment as it is reusable. The Twig is made to be forgiving, making it a good option for beginners. It is designed with the smallest safety razor head available, making it the most agile shave you can get at home. To load The Twig, open the blade holder by twisting the bottom of the handle. Load a single-edge blade into your Twig and secure the blade by twisting the bottom of the handle. To set the blade angle for an easier shave you are to keep a 30-degree angle between the blade and the skin. This will allow the blade to engage your hair and shave it away. 

The Leaf Twig - Thorn Razor

The Twig - Thorn Razor is a more belligerent version of the regular twig razor. It features an additional +0.2mm on blade gap and +0.18mm on span. The Thorn Razor is great for men or women who want a closer shave and are more experienced using a safety razor. The Thorn is medium+ on the aggressiveness scale. This razor takes any standard double-edge blade. The handle design weighs down the back of the razor giving even more control over how much pressure and the angle you use while shaving.

Leaf Shave Soap Bar

Leaf soap bar creates a luxurious lather, provides a lasting cushiony-glide and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. A shaving-grace for sensitive skin. Vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free; does not include any petroleums, parabens, sulphates and phthalates. These soap bars are handmade!

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