Fathers Day 2022

Fathers day is coming up and we know it may be difficult to find the perfect gift for your dad, but we have a solution for you. This year, get your dad the best Fathers Day present he has ever received. No matter what your dad likes, it is likely he will use a razor every now and then. If so, you are at the perfect place. Here are some ideas for the best gift yet.

To start, the benefits of safety razors are never ending. These razors work so much better than regular supermarket razors as well as being amazing for the environment. So, while getting the best shave of your life you can also think about how you are helping save the world.

Muhle VIVO 4 PIECE Shave Set 

First, The Muhle vivo shave set is a great gift for fathers day 2022. With a pure badger hair shaving brush, the quality is unmatchable. Badger hair is thicker than other brush materials, although it is still soft and flexible. The Muhle VIVO razor takes double edge blades and will look amazing on your vanity due the set's sleek look. This set includes:

  • 1x Shaving brush with pure badger
  • 1x Shaving brush size M 
  • 1x Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades
  • 1x Soap dish made of metal, chrome-plated
  • 1x Stand made of metal, chrome-plated

Made in Germany by expert craftsmen, the razors handle adds the perfect amount of weight and balance, and accepts all standard double edge blades. Its pure badger shaving brush is ideal when a massaging effect is preferred over a softer application while everything is kept together in an elegantly designed chrome stand with a bowl.

Shave Set, Choose your Parker Safety Razor Model

For a more customisable set, the parker shave set will be the one for you. In this set you get a choice of which razor your dad would like the best. Parker safety razors feature brass frames and the brushes are made of badger bristles and are handmade. Using the finest materials ensures the finest end product for our customers. Similar to the previous shave set, this one comes with:

  • 1x stand 
  • 1x razor 
  • 1x brush 

Pictured below is the Parker 96r. This Safety Razor is incredibly balanced and features the distinctive butterfly opening mechanism. Simply twist to open the head and replace the safety razor blade. The recommended blades for this set are Astra, Shark Super Chrome or Super Stainless razor blades. 


Lilvio Shaving Kit

Last but definitely not least, our Lilvio Shaving Kit is an incredible choice for dad this year. This razor gives an extremely close and comfortable shave with reduced risk of irritation than disposable razors. This kit includes:

  • 1x Lilvio Reusable Safety Razor
  • 1x Lilvio Reusable Blade Bank
  • 1x Lilvio Razor Stand
  • 1x Pack of 10 Lilvio Double Edge Blades

As well as having a beautifully close shave, these razors are very good for the environment. They are durable, reusable and if treated properly, can last a lifetime. Lilvio Eco-friendly Products have neatly packed the safety razor in 100% compostable Safety Razor packaging. Making this razor truly zero waste!

We hope this helped! Feel free to browse our website to find some more accessories for dad this year. For more gift ideas and information, visit our blog page.


Muhle VIVO shave set


Parker shave set


Lilvio shave kit


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