Why switch to a safety razor?

We are always saying how great safety razors are for the environment, but why? This blog will be everything you need to know about why you should switch to a safety razor in 2023.

The Environment!!

Safety razors are designed to last. Since the razors themselves last a lifetime of use, only the blades need to be replaced and these blades are fully recyclable. Check out our recycling blades blog to see how. Safety razors are made of durable materials that, unlike plastics, will last a long time. 500 million disposable razors are used and disposed of annually. The plastic ones have the biggest impact on the environment because they consume fossil fuels for their manufacturing and they are destined for landfill since they are made from hard, non-recyclable plastic. It is estimated that billions of these end up in landfills every year. These take 20-30 years to break down. Why take part in this when you can buy a safety razor that will be better for you and the world.

Although the environment is a big positive of safety razors, they can also reduce irritation, shave bumps and ingrown hairs while giving you the closest shave possible. Safety Razors also work MUCH better for people with thicker hair. 

A big reason people switch to safety razors is affordability. Disposable razors may not seem expensive but they add up! A safety razor is a once off purchase then all you need to do is buy the blades. Blades start from $1.80 for a 5 pack. Safety Razors can last a lifetime if treated well. This leads to more affordable shaving in the future. 

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Happy Shaving!!


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