What is an adjustable safety razor?

What is an adjustable safety razor?

An adjustable safety razor allows the user to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor. It does this by changing the degree of blade exposure. More blade exposure leads to a more aggressive shave, suitable for courser whiskers, and less blade exposure is better for thinner whiskers or irritable skin.

The adjustable blade allows users to discover what gives then the most comfortable and smoothest shave.

What Adjustable razor is best?

There isn’t really a ‘best’ adjustable razor, it all comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a razor to suit your skin type.

We have a few different models in stock. The Merkur Futur and Progress, the Parker Variant, Lilvio Adjustable, Feather Adjustable, Captain Fawcett (made by Rockwell) and the QShave adjustable safety razor.

The Futur is a heavier model, where the Progress is of standard weight. They are both Germany made and rank high in quality and performance.

The Parker Variants are also heavier than standard with an exceptional weight to balance ratio. It has 5 adjustable settings and is hand made in India. It is one of my favourite adjustable razors.

The Lilvio and Qshave adjustable razors are basically the same model. They are the Chinese version of the Merkur Futur. They both shave quite well but the Merkur Futur is a much better precise shaver, hence the price difference. For under $30, both Lilvio and Qshave are good shavers.

Feather has recently introduced the brand new adjustable model. It’s has butterfly opening doors and is made from resin, brass and stainless steel. Japanese engineering!

Lastly, the Captain Fawcett razor is made by Rockwell. Unlike traditional adjustable razors, this model comes with adjustable plates rather than an adjustable knob. It has 3 plates and you can change the plates to suit you skin.

If you're a new wet shaver, maybe start with the Lilvio or QShave adjustable razor, they are a fraction of the cost of other models and a good starter, otherwise it comes down to personal preference and how much money you're happy to spend. 

Happy Shaving!

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