We made it to Hawaii with the Parker A1R and Fusion Travel Razors

We made it to Hawaii with the Parker A1R and Fusion Travel Razors

Fully vaccinated Aussies are free to travel again and after more than two years without air travel we have escaped to Hawaii for a family holiday!

Aussies are traveling again with Smart Traveller removing its official advice for Australians not to travel, their website has specific travel advice for nearly 200 countries around the world and this includes Hawaii. Most destinations require travellers to be fully vaccinated with a certified Covid-19 vaccine, which most Aussies are. They recommend travellers to proceed with caution when travelling overseas as the virus can still pose a threat, but Hawaii has very low case numbers now and is one of our favourite destinations outside Australia.

Before leaving Australia, we needed to present a negative Covid test within 24 hours of traveling and when traveling overseas we thoroughly research the destination's Covid-19 rules, restrictions and the protocol for isolating if we were to contract the virus while in Hawaii.

Two weeks before our departure date, we began to avoid public spaces, but on day 12 my daughter tested positive for COVID, we then sadly cancelled our trip. We were required to isolate at the time for seven days as close contacts (these rules have thankfully now changed). During the seven days, as a family we did not isolate from each other and still managed not to catch COVID from my daughter. She was only showing very minor cold symptoms and these symptoms disappeared within only five days of testing positive.

Hawaiian Airlines credited us for the cancelation, and with the help of Expedia the hotel we booked gave us a full refund. We then took the gamble to rebook and fly exactly 2 weeks later. After a stressful 2 weeks of wondering if we would be able to fly or not, we got to within 24 hours before the trip and proceeded to Sydney Airport to take the required COVID test, and what a relief it was to all be negative and finally be able to travel again.

We have now been in Hawaii for the last 3 days and are loving the time to relax and enjoy a little down time. It’s a lot quieter than usual and everything seems to cost a lot more, which is a sign of the rise in living expenses not just in Australia but worldwide.  

Today I woke up and looked at myself, I was overdue for a shave. In my travel shave pack, the Parker Travel Safety Razor and the Parker Fusion Travel Razor. Both come neatly packed in a leather case, used to protect the razors when traveling or just in your bathroom cupboard.

The Parker Fusion Razor has joined me on my travels, it’s the perfect way to bring some luxury on the road. Great for a quick shave when you busy and on the move traveling. I normally shave my head with a safety razor, but time is precious when travelling and I find shaving with a safety razor you need to allow a little extra time to respect the razor and enjoy the shaving experience. I was a little unsure if I would be happy with the shave of the Parker Fusion Razor as the handle length is only around 9cm including the blade (small to travel with) and I normally prefer a longer handle razor. Reflecting on my shave, the razor was very easy to use and was just what I needed, a quick head shave. I liked the short handle length as I found the end of the handle rested in the palm of my hand and was quite easy to use.

Parker Fusion Travel Razor

Next was the Parker 4-piece A1R Travel Safety Razor, I like to shave my face with a safety razor as the shave is closer and has a smoother finish. What better razor to use than the A1R, it has a well-designed 2-piece handle which screws together to make a full-sizer razor. The razor head is the same as other popular Parker Safety Razors such as the 71R and 45R, so I knew I would be happy with the shave, plus I have used this razor before. The Parker A1R razor is great for traveling and everyday use.

 Parker A1R Travel Safety Razor

Normally I use the Parker blades but today I am shaving with the Shark Platinum double edge blades. They come in cardboard packaging and have ten blades in a pack, this was my first shave with them, and it was very good. Hopefully one blade will be plenty for my holiday and will last at least 5 plus shaves before becoming dull. I will let you know how long they last.

Well, I am off to enjoy our holiday and hoping it does not end too quickly.

We are still operational with staff on hand to dispatch orders so please don’t hesitate in in placing your order today.

We thank you for your support, and happy shaving!

Hawaii 2022

Hawaii 2022

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