The New Parker Adjustable Injector Razor Shaving Review

It has finally arrived! The New Parker Adjustable Injector razor is now in-stock.

I was dying to test one of the new razors out as it was getting rave worldwide reviews over the last few months. The razors arrived to our warehouse on Monday to my surprise. I knew the razors were coming but expected to have them later in the week. After unloading our new stock, I was quick to head home with my new razor in my hand to test it out. In preparation for the new razor arriving and this review, I hadn’t shaved since the Friday before, so I had at least 3 days of growth.

Opening up the box I was impressed with the light weight of the razor and quickly learnt that the razor comes pre-loaded with one blade. Without looking at the razor head and instead reading the instructions that come with the razor I manager to run my figure across the head and cut myself. New buyers take note! These razors are pre-loaded and as I quickly learned you will cut yourself if not paying attention. Something I wasn’t expecting but it was great the razor was pre-loaded and ready for shaving.

                                Parker Adjustable Injector Razor                          

When shaving with any razor it is always recommended to prep before shaving, preparation is critical for a great shave. I would normally shower before shaving as a hot shower softens your whiskers ready for a shave but I didn’t today because it was mid-afternoon and I was eager to test the Parker injector razor out.

My first step was to grab my favourite shaving cream, Taconic Shave, Lavender and Lime concentrate. I am not normally a daily shaver, maybe 2-3 times a week but a bottle of Taconic Shave cream can last me 9-12 months with easy. Just a little goes a long way. Using my Lilvio Bamboo Handle shaving brush I wet the brush under warm water so it was primed and ready to create a thick lather with the Taconic Shave cream.

I then applied the shaving cream with the brush and was then ready to begin.

The Parker Injector razor is adjustable and to begin I started on level 1 to test it out. After two or three  passes, I found the blade exposure very mild and quickly changed to level 3 on the razor and proceeded to continue shaving. After a few more passes I changed to level 4 and I found the razor very easy to use. It would be recommended to use a lower shaving angle of the razor to the skin (around 10-15 degrees) than what is recommended when shaving with a safety razor (40-45 degrees).



The razor was very easy to clean and remove hairs from the razor head!

I lathered up again and completed a second pass, which wasn’t essential as the first shave was very good. I don’t normally shave against the grain as my skin is irritated quite easily, but found that this razor did not irritate my skin. I could shave with and against the grain and did not seem to suffer any skin irritation. I also found the razor to be very good when shaving in tight corners and under my nose. The smaller head greatly helped to achieve this and I was super impressed with the end result.

After completing my second pass I decided to try shaving my head with the razor! Setting the razor to a level 3-4 I began shaving my head and again found the Parker Injector razor very easy to use.

Parker Adjustable Injector Razor

After finishing I washed up and was very happy with my shave and skin. My skin showed little signs of irritation and was very smooth. I did manage to cut the back of my head but this was mainly because I rushed to finish the shave and I should have taken a little more care when shaving with a new razor.

Price –

For only $49.95 you will receive the Injector razor and one blade

One pack of 20 replaceable injector blades is the $19.95

(Compared to other Injector razor brands the Parker Adjustable Razor is more than half the cost).

The Good-

Excellent smooth shave with no to very little skin irritation for me

Light weigh suitable for men and women

Very easy to clean and remove hairs from the razor head

Easy to replace a blade

The injector razor has plastic free packaging

The not so Good-

The plastic injector case, it works very well but I would like to see plastic free cases. Parker have done extraordinary work over the last 5 years to remove plastic from most of their product packaging. It would be great to see plastic removed for the injector razor blades which I am sure they will be looking into at some stage in the future.

Final Thoughts-

For my first shave with a Parker Adjustable Injector Razor, I would give it a 10/10, it was quite enjoyable and very easy to use. I will continue to use the razor for the next 4 weeks and update this review on completion. I would like to see how many shaves I can complete before having to change the blade and will again rate the razor after more use.

I would love to hear feedback from our customers who also purchased the new Parker Injector Razor. It would be good to know if others feel the same way I do. From all the reviews, I have read about this razor there is a lot of positivity.

We hope this review helps.

Happy Shaving!



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