Our Most Popular and Best Selling Razors

Hey! In this blog we will be explaining some of our most popular/ best selling safety razors. Click HERE to shop!


The Parker 99R is a very popular safety razor. This razor was an immediate great success as it delivers awesome shaving quality. The razor has a heavyweight feel with a butterfly door mechanism. The 99R is a great razor for both new and seasoned wet shaving enthusiasts. Although, it is a fairly aggressive razor and best suited for thick whisker uses.

Lilvio Safety Razor

The reusable Lilvio 3 Piece Double Edge Safety Razor. This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave every time. Suitable for men or women wet shavers, the razor takes standard double edge blades. These razors are great for beginners and experienced wet shavers. Lilvio razors have a range of different colours so you can pick one that suits you and your home.


The Parker 29L safety razor is designed for both men and women, experienced or not. The long, thin handle is helpful for controlling the razor. The handle is very textured, which makes shaving in the shower with slippery, soapy hands a lot easier as it has better grip. Still we recommend treating any safety razor like glass. If you drop them on a hard tile floor, there is a good chance you will damage the razor. Treat the right and they will last you a life time.

The 29L comes in many different colours so you can pick which one you like best. (eg. pink, purple, blue, silver and rose gold). With its butterfly twist-to-open design, when used with a quality blade, it will deliver a smooth and comfortable shave every time! 

Leaf Razor

T​​his solid zinc and stainless steel razor can take 1, 2, or 3 single edge razor blades for a customisable shave allowing you to shave with, across or against the grain. The Leaf razor has a pivoting head to make it easier to use around those curvy places and a high-shine chrome finish. We find people like the head as it is less intimidating than some other safety razors making it great for beginners.


Parker’s Semi-Slant safety razors are milder than the typical slant, combining the best of a slant razor and a conventional safety razor. Since the blade angle is torqued, this razor cuts the hair at an angle instead of straight on, resulting in a very efficient shave. The Semi-Slants are great for those with thicker, more coarse hair, as well as for wet shavers with sensitive skin. With this razor, it is recommended to use little pressure for excellent results.  This razor is probably more suitable for people who have a little bit of experience wet shaving, but beginners can also give it a go!



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