Introducing the NEW Limited Edition Reusable Lilvio Double Edge Safety Razor and Stand in Rose Gold. 

This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave every time. Suitable for men or women wet shavers, the razor takes standard double edge blade. All double razor edge blades fit our Lilvio Safety Razor, including the blades we sell.

What Lilvio Safety Razors are made from: Made from a Brass Alloy, which consists of Brass and Zinc. The material is know for its durability and corrosion resistance, so your razor won't rust. The colour of our razors is then electroplated which limits wear and fading.

Treat is right and it will last you a lifetime.

Lilvio Eco-friendly Products have neatly packed the safety razor in 100% COMPOSTABLE and plastic free safety razor packaging. Making this razor truely zero waste!!

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