New Lilvio Products Now Available

Razor Distributors is the Australian distributor for Lilvio Eco-Friendly Products and we are the first to have a selection of their new products. Lilvio has added double edge razor blades and razor stands to their product line. We have tested the Lilvio Double Edge Blades and found them to offer a really close and clean shave. The blades are very affordable ($3.95 for a ten blade pack) and won't break the bank. So far I have shaved 4 times with the same blade and it is still cutting well.

A little about Lilvio Eco-Friendly Products

Our goal is to provide customers with better reusable options and more plastic free choices. Starting with small steps, together we can make positive environmental changes. The our journey to better choices, Lilvio is creating a selected range of eco-friendly products for women and men. We test and use all of our own products and strive to fit the practical needs of people whilst helping the environment. 

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  • I’m a happy shaver!!!
    I love the Lilvio razor blades and my Lilvio safety razor. I was sceptical when considering changing to a safety razor but my negative thoughts quickly went away when I gave it a try. The shave was better than expected and one blade has lasted me 2 weeks so far. Ladies these are recommended for legs and underarms.
    I am new to shaving with a safety razor but found my razor very easy to use. I can’t believe I did not change sooner.
    Thank you

    Carol S.

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