Kissing Chickens Organic Natural Picard-free Deodorants

Kissing Chickens Organic Natural Picard-free Deodorants

Kissing Chickens organic, natural, bicarb-free deodorants are lovingly hand made in Australia and provide long lasting protection and is now in stock at

The active ingredient, Magnesium Hydroxide, works by inhibiting the bacteria that causes underarm odour. This powerhouse ingredient is also known for its soothing properties, leaving your underarms soft and smooth without any of the irritation sometimes associated with natural deodorants.

Kissing Chickens deodorants contain 100% pure essential oils giving you a choice of wonderful scent blends. They are plastic free, palm oil free, cruelty free and certified vegan. Plus they are free from harmful chemicals, artificial colours, or preservatives, and contain no animal products. Only tested on very willing humans in the heat and humidity of North Queensland!



"I love the Patchouli Ylang Ylang stick. Even in our hot humid weather, I feel like my underarms still smell fresh. I love that the packaging is cardboard and how easy it is to apply. Thank you so much" 

"I've been searching for a natural deodorant for the past couple of years that has staying power, that doesn't react on my skin. THIS IS IT!! The Kissing Chickens bicarb-free deodorant not only smells divine, it feels good going on (even immediately after shaving), lasts all day, and there's been no stinging or reaction at all - in fact it feels quite soothing on my skin. My partner has also been trying it, and even after a session at the gym, he's smelling fresh. I'm a convert, I'm a fan! Can't wait to try some of the other 'flavours'."

"The texture was soothing and the scent to die for. I'm a bit of a stinky person and I didn't have to reapply all day and I went for a really long, sweaty walk. I'm super impressed. Gained a customer for life I would recommend it to anyone! Plus, who doesn't love the chicken updates??"

"Amazing deodorants! The only ones that work for me and don't give me a rash, even after shaving"

"What a brilliant product. Tried the underarm deodorant mini tins….legate a surprise will be definitely buying more and highly recommended this product….it works"

"It smells divine. Gave it a good workout yesterday while cleaning outside in the sun, works a treat and I am a prolific sweater for a lady"

"Am in love with your products. I just tried the lemon myrtle this morning, it is the nicest scent ever and so long lasting. I have tried other similar products, no comparison. Thank you so much am so happy one super happy customer"

"Lemon Myrtle is my favourite so far. I am only new to your products, but just love them"

"I absolutely love Kissing Chickens' deodorants for so many reasons: not only are the scents delicious, the products are super effective, plastic free, palm oil free, cruelty free and certified vegan."

"Got my first delivery from you a few days ago and I love this product! Well done Kissing Chickens, I’ve been trialling eco friendly plastic free deodorants and yours is the best I’ve found, so easy to use, wonderful packaging, smells divine. You are now my deodorant of choice"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my order. I usually use a different brand of natural deodorant but wanted to try something new. I’ve used three out of four of the sample tins each day of the week and found they held up really well in my active job. Plus I love the consistency. My other one was quite a thick paste and it was quite difficult to wash off my hands. Thanks again. I’ll definitely be placing another order when they run out."

"I absolutely love your products and look forward to ordering more."

"I’ve been testing Lemon Myrtle and she’s awesome so thank you so much! Really well packaged I’m definitely a paste deodorant convert!"

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