How To Wet Shave!

Today we will be explaining how to wet shave. This is a great post if you are new to shaving with a safety razor. In this blog there will be tips and tricks we recommend for anyone new to wet shaving.

To start, you have to insert the blade in the razor. Using a butterfly opening razor like the Parker 29L, twist the bottom of the razor which will open the ‘doors’ on the head of the razor, you then need to grab your blades from the short ends (so you don't get cut) and place it in the razor. Then twist to close. 

Using a three-piece razor, hold the head of the razor between two fingers on the short and twist the handle with your other hand. The head of the razor is then removed from the handle. Then, holding the top cap remove the bottom plate. The razor is then disassembled into 3 pieces, hence the razor type name. Place the blade on the tabs of the top cap and then put the base plate on top of the blade ( the right way up) and attach the handle. 



  • How you put the blade in the razor will be different with different types of razors.

To begin your shaving process we recommend that you use a shaving cream or soap, and a shaving brush. This will give you the best results and decrease chances of irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Once you have your brush and soap or cream ready, swirl the brush in circular motions in the shaving cream pot, creating a thick lather.  

Begin applying it to the area in circular motions. 

After you have finished applying the lather in the correct place, run your razor under hot water to warm it up. 

Tilt your razor slightly upward, perpendicular and start with small strokes down your cheeks. Hold the razor at around a 30 degrees angle to your skin and let the weight of the razor handle do the cutting, don't apply pressure, this is the main cause of shaving nicks and cuts.Once you have finished with this, shave your chin, neck then upper lip (moustache area). 

If you are not shaving your face, all good! You can shave your legs too, like shown in our video bellow. 


Next, wash the shaving lather off your face/legs, razor and brush. We recommend using an aftershave for calming skin irritation adn disinfecting any nicks. 


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