Growing A Beard

Most men will think about growing a beard at least a couple times in their life. If you are new to beard growing, let us help you! This blog will give you some maintenance tips for a perfect beard. Even though there isn't quite a step by step routine to master beard growth and maintenance, some of these tips may help you.

Firstly, choose what type of beard you are going for. A good way of doing so is deciding which beard suits your face shape. 

Beard StylesBeard Styles

Next, make sure you know this isn't an overnight thing. You will need to keep at it and wait for your beard to grow, it does take a little patience. Many people believe if you shave the facial hair that's already there, it'll grow back faster. This is untrue! Be patient and it'll all go to plan eventually. It is recommended that you give it at least two to four months at least. Patience is always key!

Third, when growing your facial hair it will eventually get to a messy stage. This is when you should trim it. Trimming keeps the beard neat and tidy and will also define the beard style you are going for. Another maintenance product you may need to consider is beard shampoo. This is our recommended shampoo.

Shampoo Beard Pack 

Another product that is necessary for a healthy, perfect beard is oils and balms. These products will consist of different mousturising ingredients to keep your beards from getting dry and itchy. These products are easily massaged into your beard and skin and will help the growth of your beard.

Beard Oil 

Beard Balm 

Lastly, brushing. If your beard of choice is long, this is important. Brushing your beard morning and night will keep your beard neat and tidy. Just like a normal hair brush, it will help distribute natural oils, keeping your beard nice and healthy.

Beard Brush


We hope this will help your beard growing experience! Tag us in your progress photos on instagram

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