Taconic Shave Cream, Bay Rum


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Taconic Shave's Bay Rum Shave Cream creates a lather that is rich, slick, luxurious and extremely long lasting.

This product uses many organic ingredients and is made in the USA by artisan soap makers. It features organic bay rum oil, coconut oil, organic honey, and has a rich bay rum scent.

Taconic Shave cream can be used with a brush (recommended) or brushless. Either will deliver a fabulous shave.

Highly concentrated, one container will last for several months.


For Brush Application (recommended method) -

Allow your brush to absorb hot water. Gently shake out excess water and add a 10 cent coin sized amount of cream to brush tips. Massage into beard with circular motion until a rich lather is produced.

For Brushless Application - Using your fingertips, remove a 10 cent coin sized amount of shave cream, add warm water, massage onto shave area for 60 seconds or until a rich lather is produced (add more water as needed).


Stearic acid, distilled water, cocos nucifera (*coconut) oil, glycerin, carthamus tinctorius (*safflower) seed oil, theobroma cacao (*cocoa) seed butter, honey, sodium borate, spiced Jamaican rum, laurus nobilis nobilis (bay) leaf oil, cinnamomum cassia leaf oil, citrus sinensis dulcis (orange) peel oil, phenoxyethanol, and caprylyl. *certified organic

Made in USA