Parker 96r Safety Razor

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Parker Safety Razor

The Parker Safety Razor 96R brings a sleek black handled razor design to traditional shaving. It is a light weight razor perfect for the beginner or experienced wet shaver.


    Looking for a plastic free razor that is Eco-friendly and a smooth shaver? Try a Parker Safety Razor today. 

The Parker 96r Safety Razor is incredibly balanced and features the distinctive butterfly opening mechanism. Simply twist to open the head and replace the safety razor blade.

  • Handle Lenght: 10 cm
  • Total Lenght: 10.8 cm
  • Weight: 65 grams

. Blades, we recommend the Astra, Shark Super Chrome and Super Stainless razor blades. The packaging is card board and no plastic. Other brands such as Parker, Feather or Gillette razor blades are recommended but their packaging my contain plastic.

Happy Shaving!

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