Feather MR3 Neo, comes with 2 cartridges

RAF MR3NEO, FEATHER MR 3 neo cartridge (G4)
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FEATHER MR 3 neo cartridge
This is a very unique cartridge razor manufactured by probably the most innovative razor and blade maker in Asia, FEATHER. This is the FEATHER MR 3 neo cartridge razor and it is quite unique. The MR 3 features a Vitamin E/Antibactorial "lube strip" and a roller system to "flatten the wisker". Once flatten the dual rubber louvers keep the hair shaft down in time for the triple blade to cut the hair at the skin's surface. The diagram on the package shows a true genius design which FEATHER is and has been known for. The MR 3 comes with a vertical stand to hang and store the razor. It also includes 2 cartridges. The FEATHER MR 3 uses ONLY FEATHER MR 3 neo refills which we sell as well and come in packs of 5 cartridges. Made in Osaka, the city of Samurai Swords, Japan
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