Feather Adjustable Double Edge Razor

Feather Adjustable Double Edge Razor (G4)-1-1
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New Feather Adjustable Safety RazorLight weight, yet sturdy design offer a clean smooth shave. The handle is slightly longer then average, enabling users to have that 'feather touch shave.' Black polymer handle with metal silo head. 

The New Feather Adjustable Double Edge Razor has landed!! Made in Japan, the razor is a high quality razor that is easy to use and suitable for all user levels and all hair types. The razor is adjustable with 2 settings of blade exposure, great for coarse and dense whiskers and a milder setting perfect for sensitive skin or softer thinner hair. The razor is butterfly opening making it easy to change blades. It has a long handle for easy of operation and maneuverablity. 

Includes one pack of 2 Feather blades.


Feather Model:

Butterfly Opening Adjustable Double Edge Razor 

4.2 cm x 2.5cm x 11.5cm

Heat resistant ABS resin handle, stainless steel and brass head and detailing

Made in Japan

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