Hair and Skin Type:

Thicker/ coarse hairs need a sharper blade, like the Feather brand double edge razor blades. A sharper blade limits the pressure that will be applied to cut through coarse whiskers.

If your hair is thinner/ softer, you will have a greater selection because you shouldn’t need the sharpest of blades. Our best seller for women and men is the Shark Super Chrome blades for this reason. They are not as sharp as some, but a good middle of the range brand (and a very good price).

You will also need to consider your skin type. Most of our brands suit the average user, however if you have sensitive skin, sharper blades can be too aggressive and result in redness, rash breakouts or a burning sensation. We recommend sticking to a mid to low range razor blade if you have sensitive skin.

The cost of our blades generally reflects on the sharpness; however, the Feather blades are in the mid-range in price, yet we consider these to be one of the sharpest blades available.

A typical blade should last you 4-8 shaves but this will depend on your shaving needs. Some users report on getting more shaves per blade, while coarse hair users have said less shaves per blade..


What blade should you choose?

Our best sellers are the Feather blades, followed by Parker, Shark, Astra, Gillette, Big Ben, Merkur (higher end) and Derby brands.

At we recommend if you’re unsure what will suit you or if you’re a beginning wet shaver, try one of our double edge blade sample packs. The packs include many of our best-selling brands and it is the best way to find what suits your hair, skin type and budget best.


Happy Shaving!!