Introducing the NEW Parker 56R Safety Razor. It has a durable chrome and graphite coloured textured handle and solid brass frame. The 56R has a traditional three-piece razor head design, with less moving parts than other types of safety razors, making it very sturdy, and able to last a life time of use.

I tested the 56R, matched with my favourite shaving cream, Taconic Shave Lavender and Lime and using Parker’s Premium Platinum double edge blades. Inserting a blade was simple. Hold the head and unscrew the handle. The head has a top and bottom piece, lift the bottom piece off and carefully place the blade in place. Next put the two pieces of the head back together, screw on the handle and you’re ready to shave.

After lathering up and beginning with shaving my face, I found the shave to be very nice and easy, applying little to no pressure on the razor head when shaving. Indication the razor is of a good weight and handle length to create the perfect razor balance.

After my shave and finishing the second pass on my face, I was quite pleased with the razors performance and decided to continue and shave my head. I don’t often attempt a head shave with new razors but this razor proved to be the exception. The 56R was found to give a close, smooth comfortable shave.

Overall I was very happy with the new Parker 56R Safety Razor, rating it a 7.5 out of 10 and it has now joined my everyday user razor rack. Initially I was going to rate the 56R with a 9 out of ten but due to the fact this is my first written razor review I thought it would be best to have plenty of room to move for future review.

Over the next few weeks I will look at reviewing some of my favourite razors, my vintage Gillette Fat Boy Safety Razor and Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor. I will also be reviewing several different models ranging in brands such as Merkur, Muhle, Edwin Jagger, Frank Shave and Parker Safety Razor models.

The Parker 56R Safety Razor:

Approximate size and weight:

Overall Length: 109mm
Handle Length: 102mm
Weight: 93g

Material the razor is made from: The 56R has a solid brass frame.

Handle: Textured and electroplated finish to improve grip

Razor Type: Three-Piece traditional Safety Razor

Made in India


Taconic Shave Lavender and Lime pump bottle concentrate shaving cream:

Large, approximately 235ml Pump Bottle

Creates a thick, slick and creamy lather for an exceptional shave.

Highly concentrated shaving cream. One bottle has lasted me over 6 months and it still has plenty left over to last a few more months.

Taconic Shave creams contains all natural and organic ingredients

Made in the USA