Wouldn't it be great if we could all reduce our plastic waste and create a better, cleaner planet that is more sustainable?

The Lilvio Eco-Friendly Products brand was created to provide consumers with reusable options and most importantly, more plastic free options.

The new Lilvio reusable safety razors are available in nine different colours, they are a gently shaver and suitable for legs, arms, face, head and more! They also products a Lilvio Adjustable Safety Razor. Users can adjust the blade exposure to suit their shaving needs. The Lilvio safety razors are great for beginning wet shavers, perfect for users with thinner hair or those on a budget!

All of the double edge safety razors we sell suit the Lilvio brand razors and we recommend either the Shark, Tiger or Astra brands. These blades are well priced, come in plastic free pacaging and have a 7 out of 10 sharpness rating.